Mourinho sacked, are Serie A teams better after changing managers?

Analysis of Serie A Mid-Season Coaching Changes and Their Impact on Team Performance

AS Roma manager, José Mourinho, has been sacked this morning and replaced by club’s legend Daniele De Rossi. Calcio e Finanza dedicates an analysis to the whole phenomenon of mid season manager changes, highlighting the main trends on teams performances.

Changing coaches during a Serie A season often leads to improved results, according to statistics from the 2018/19 season to the present.

Out of 53 mid-season coaching changes, 74% resulted in the successor achieving better average points per game.

Igor Tudor in the 2021/22 season stands out as the most successful replacement, elevating Verona’s points per game from 0 to 1.51 compared to Eusebio Di Francesco.

Over the last six seasons, the overall impact has been notable, with an increase from 0.83 to 1.12 points per game for incoming coaches compared to those dismissed.

While the 0.29 points per game difference may seem marginal, projected over a full season, it amounts to 32 points for dismissed coaches and 43 points for their replacements, often determining the line between relegation and survival.

Notably, the 2023/24 season has shown the smallest difference, with a mere 0.03 points per game disparity.

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